Greenhouse Installers

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Simple Website made for a local niche market builder. I also helped him with some business consulting and more.

Greenhouse Installers is a really cool local Nevada County business. Roger helps the many farmers around here with complete greenhouse and light deprivation systems design, planning and installation.

He needed a simple site to help with his “know like and trust factor” and his local SEO. He gave me his business card with his logo on it and I set up a quick site framework with branding colors and fonts, and homepage for him. Then I designed all the content pages and set up his autoresponder email sign up forms. I also edited photos for the title bars of his pages and set up a gallery.

Now he has a nice working site where clients can find him, read his helpful tips, and get a sense of his level of integrity. They can also reach him through his contact form and/or sign up for his newsletter so he can have a way to reach out to them.

I also set up his Facebook page and group for him and linked them to the site in various places.

He also bought a bunch of different domain names, like and many more that I redirected to all navigate to his main site whenever someone types in those domains.

Coming up next we are going to do a whole local SEO project on all the pages.

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