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Transfer an old blog site and create a new design and content pages

Kalyanna has a beautiful vision for her yoga and bike adventure tours business, but had a simple old site that she put together that was mainly a blog site. It nowhere near showcased just how badass she is and what she’s doing with her really fun, creative, spiritually engaging, health-promoting adventure tours.

We had our initial meeting where I helped her get her branding colors and fonts decided on and we discussed all the other details of the project. Then I transferred her blog over and created new content and blog pages that were better organized for her visitor, along with a beautiful new design! I also consulted with her about her newsletter strategy and connected her MailChimp account to her website.

She had additional content to add to the site and I taught her how to add it as this was more of a DIY site project, so the final version has changed a bit from the original design on some pages but you can see more at

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