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Jaya played an integral role at our company for almost 2 years as our Digital Marketing Manager. She worked alongside our Creative Director in creating marketing funnels, designing and executing contests, planning and executing our social media calendar, and performing social monitoring and engagement of our brand. She organized and grew our affiliate program, training the affiliates and cleaning up the process on our website. She often made website changes and designed sales pages and other content pages. She regularly worked on ad campaigns helping with ad copy and designing the graphics.

She also represented us at industry conferences where she demonstrated our product, filmed and edited testimonial videos and more. She also was art director for 2 video shoots sourcing locations and models for our vibrational healing device. She found and hired social media talent and supervised them on our social campaign execution, as well as managing a large-scale customer satisfaction interview project. At a critical juncture of our business, she went above and beyond to help us manage a greuling FDA audit. Overall, she was always willing to handle whatever we handed her, learn and grow, handle outsourcing when needed. We plan on working with her again in the future.

Something in the universe drew me to Jaya on a whim, and that intuition really paid off! I asked her for help both as a business coach and to take advantage of her excellent skills with marketing, branding and web design. She has delivered in these areas and has brought versatility to other tasks that popped up, like her beautiful graphics and copywriting. She is extremely reliable and communicative and is helpful on every level. I’ve made faster and clearer progress actually getting things done in my business than with anyone I’ve worked with before, and I don’t know what I’d do without her!
I have worked with Jaya Phillips on many projects both while she worked on my team and within a top client’s team. I have always found her to be eager to dive in and get things done! She is highly organized, thoughtful, thorough, and would be a great asset to any organization or solopreneur. She is caring, a good communicator and always striving to improve. I plan to continue working with her and encourage anyone else to consider doing so as well!
Jaya worked with me to recreate my logo for my business, Savor the Flavor BBQ, and she was not only great personally to work with, but the service and product she delivered was exactly what I needed and exactly what she said she would deliver. I was very specific about what I wanted and she was able to create what was in my head, and I’m very proud to show off my logo. She gave me every possible format and iteration I might need, so it’s never a problem for me to provide it for advertising, printing, etc. I would recommend Jaya every time.
Jaya, you were the perfect graphic designer/webmaster for Awakeningbirthnow.com and made the site cohesive and beautiful. You groked my work intuitively which was so appreciated.
Jaya, you were easy to work with, professional, efficient and created a high quality product. Just what I wanted.
What I’m most impressed with is Jaya’s ability to be self-managing with a slew of different tasks. Whatever I throw her way, she’s game to tackle. Her ability to organize information and put it into workable and efficient systems has been really helpful in starting up my company. She’s always creative and up-to-date with the latest marketing trends and is quick to research and learn new technologies when needed. Her professional, polite, and patient manner has been great with vendors, legal entities, and customers. Our communication together as a management team has been up front, sensitive, and efficient. Lastly, I value her ideas and opinions in helping me to make important decisions about my business.
Jaya built the new site for BodyJoy Intimacy School when I first purchased the business. She gave our site the modern refresh it hadn't had since 2003. She built our new web site with sales pages, and researched and found the right platform and implemented our courses so that they could be accessible to new students. We were happy with everything Jaya and her team did for us! We will be hiring her for future projects!
Jaya Phillips brings creative energy, wit, enthusiasm, and many talents to the table. She definitely has a fire and passion for digital marketing and you can tell in her work. I highly recommend her for any digital marketing work, especially web design, graphic design, and email marketing.
I recently had the privilege of working with Jaya & Creative Biz Wiz to create a beautiful website for my business, Mama Earth Midwifery. Jaya is creative, organized, easy to work with & was able to really make my ideas come to life. Working with Jaya was a smooth & easy process from start to finish! I really can't say enough good things about working with Jaya. I know anyone who uses her services will be absolutely satisfied & wanting to recommend her to others. Thank you so much Jaya! I look forward to working with you again in the future should I ever need assistance in creating any other media advertising assistance!!
Loved working with Creative Biz Wiz! Jaya designed a flyer for my organization's movie release event. She also custom designed a card for me. She was very professional and has an eye for details and creativity!
Working together with Jaya at NGNG Enterprises on web design projects is a pleasure. I know anything I ask of Jaya will be completed skillfully with enthusiasm and attention to detail. Jaya is hungry for knowledge and consistently strives to improve her creative skills and devours new ideas on online marketing, social media strategy, and web/graphic design trends and best practices. I admire her ability to openly share herself with others making it easy to work and communicate together. Jaya is a wonderful force!
Jaya is a talented, skillful and delightful person to work with. She has excellent internet technical skills, graphics arts capability and copy writing talent. Her work has always been timely, inspired and right on track with my needs. She has an ability to grasp the overall vision of the project and break it down into simple step by step implementation. I can’t recommend her highly enough.
I highly recommend Jaya. She is intelligent, skilled, talented, resourceful and competent.
I had the great pleasure to work with Jaya setting up merchant services for The Cell Phone Guru. It was a very unique set up, Jaya was ever diligent in asking all the questions that needed asking, she left no stone unturned in navigating the credit card payment industry which can be fairly daunting, especially for a brand new business. Through several meetings with Jaya, I have learned that she is loyal, dedicated and astute, a valued member of any team and one that I see as a critical part of her company’s success. I thoroughly enjoyed working with her, and I’m certain she will have nothing but success stories ahead for her!

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