Trusted Partners

Meet some of the talented creatives and techies I'm proud to know and work with!

Over the years I have occasionally outsourced certain tasks to wonderful talented professionals like these. I love having such a talented community to work with. If there’s ever anything I can’t handle myself, I’m more than happy to delegate to one of these wonderful people or someone else in my extended creative community.

Sebastian Muenda

Ads and Funnels

Sales leads specialist, Facebook ads, sales funnel strategy and implementation, email marketing, and copywriting

Robb Savage

Creative Direction / Copywriting

Marketing strategy, creative direction, Google Adwords, SEO

Martin Adams

App Developer and Coder

Development of apps for conscious companies, custom coding for websites

Teija Davidovich

Branding / Logos

Illustration, client logos, laser printing and production of incredible conscious products (jewelry, furniture, home decor, stage design and event decor)

Aruna Tumpyte

Virtual Assistance

Business information management, virtual assistance, leadpages, business systems creation

Siri Baldeep Khalsa

Customer Service Management

Virtual assistance, customer happiness specialist, systems organization, inbound and outbound calls